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Newsletter Articles

  • Spring 2010
    Working with a Broker vs. Directly with a Lender - The Difference is Imperative
    As mentioned in our Winter 2010 E-Newsletter, while all Mexico loan programs have tightened, they have largely improved overall . . . a pleasant surprise for all of us considering all the “bad news” that the U.S. and Mexico has faced over the last couple of years. As the Mexico real estate industry continues to find stable ground and financing is taking a much bigger role, now more than ever it is important to re-deliver a message that has been communicated over the last couple years by ConfiCasa. Even with the overall improvements, many of you know that there are only a few lending institutions left in the Mexico real estate market. With only a few lenders available, it is critical to ensure that the triggers within each lending institution and further, how they underwrite, are fully understood by the loan originator . . . .
  • Winter 2010
    Simplifying a Complex Process Translates into Quicker Execution
    After another successful year of Mexico home loan closings, we have leveraged our knowledge to make recent improvements to all three stages of our Mexico home financing process.  In Part I of the Winter 2010 E-Newsletter, we break down each of the three financing sections and discuss improvements that translate into a more streamlined process and improved timeframes. Notable changes that have translated into quicker execution timetables include . . . .
  • Fall 2009
    Interest Rates Lowered on ConfiCasa's Mexico Loan Programs
    We are excited to announce that rates have been lowered on ConfiCasa's Mexico loan programs across the board. These are the lowest interest rates since Mexico financing was introduced and indicate the strength in real estate financing throughout the resort areas of Mexico. As the upcoming busy season nears, we are thrilled to offer these rates to potential buyers . . . .
  • Summer 2009
    How to Sell Mexico Mortgage Financing
    As the noticeability and need for Mexico financing has increased, buyers of Mexico resort properties are now looking to Mexico real estate professionals for a clearer understanding of financing.  This has created the need for real estate professionals to feel more comfortable in selling Mexico financing in order to nail down a sale. After all, if real estate professionals do not see the value in financing, then they can’t sell the value to potential buyers. Costs, rates and the process continue to remain a major road block at some part of the selling process.  While our 3-Part Spring 2009 Newsletter addressed, in great detail, loan program updates, rates and costs of mortgages in Mexico, we thought it is beneficial to have a concise and easy FAQ on the most common and general  questions that buyers are asking right at the start of any potential real estate transaction. Again, the greater comfort a real estate professional has with financing, the better they are able to sell a property . . . .
  • Spring 2009
    PART III of III: The Costs of Mexico Real Estate; An In-Depth Look at the Market Today vs. Yesterday
    As the market continues to force professionals to determine new business generation strategies, most realtors and developers are now discovering what really fueled the Mexico resort property boom over the last decade. Although this market has always been referred to as consisting of "almost entirely cash buyers", today's economic turmoil has inadvertently exposed the fact that so called "cash buyers" predominately needed some type of leverage for their Mexico real estate purchases. Without the leverage, the Mexico real estate market's boom would have been significantly calmer. With the U.S. mortgage market changing drastically over the last twelve months, so did the cash sources and cost of purchasing Mexico real estate.
  • Spring 2009
    PART II of III: Comparing U.S. and Mexico Mortgages; How Different are Rates, Costs and Programs?
    Here we will answer the most common question assked, "Why are rates higher in Mexico?" In order to answer this question, we thought it best to provide a direct comparison between a second home mortgage in the U.S. and second home Mexico Mexicos to show you that rates are closer than you think . . . .
  • Spring 2009
    PART I of III: Market Update; The Ever-Changing Cross-Border Mexico Mortgage Market
    In this difficult and ever-changing economic environment, ConfiCasa Mortgage International will be doing its best to help the real estate and borrower community better understand the Mexico financing marketplace by addressing several recent concerns and questions currently circulating. In order to do so, ConfiCasa will be publishing a multi-part series of e-newsletters over the next couple of weeks covering the following topics: (i) market update, (ii) interest rate comparison between financing Mexico and U.S. second home real estate and (iii) further understanding the costs associated with financing Mexico real estate. The first newsletter of this series is an update on the market for Mexico Mortgages . . . .
  • Winter 2008-2009
    A Look at the Hottest Current Topics in the Mexico Resort Real Estate Market
    As the Mexico resort real estate market continues to gain popularity among North Americans, one common theme exists; an increasing demand for insightful and relevant information among the entire Mexican resort real estate community, including developers, realtors, owners, resellers and potential buyers. This is especially true in light of today’s more difficult economic times. Therefore, it seemed worthwhile to highlight the hottest current topics in the industry as discussed at the fourth annual Mexico Resort Development Conference in Carlsbad, California held in December 2008 . . . .
  • Fall 2008
    Why the Mexico Mortgage Market Remains Healthy, Despite the U.S. Turmoil
    Times are tough now‐a‐days – stock markets are in frenzy, housing markets are unpredictable, the U.S. dollar is weakened, and an overall lack of consumer confidence continues to arise even with the
    latest U.S. government and worldwide intervention in motion. One important question that does not make the daily news in the U.S., but is of course a big concern for all of us, is whether the now popular vehicle of cross‐border Mexico mortgages will be affected by the U.S. turmoil . . . .
  • Spring/Summer 2008
    Cross-Border Mexico Mortgage Financing - A Silver Lining to a Slower Mexico Real Estate Market
    Since its introduction in the early part of 2005, the cross‐border Mexico mortgage market ‐‐ mortgage financing for foreigners purchasing vacation, retirement and investment homes in Mexico ‐‐ has been compared by many realtors and developers to riding a roller coaster. But now, a greater number of those individuals are looking at Mexico mortgages to help sustain the slower real estate market. Local Mexico developers, realtors and buyers who have typically shunnded cross-border Mexico home financing in the past, are now beginning to embrace it. Several reasons have forced these groups to take a second look . . . .
  • Fall/Winter 2007-2008
    Margarita Mind and How to Avoid It
    Margarita Mind is a dangerous disease and it afflicts American, Canadians and European Real Estate buyers equally and without mercy. How do you catch it? It happens when you arrive in Mexico checkbook in hand, with the hungry look of the besotted tourist that envisions a life hanging in a hammock on a white sand beach in front of your little dream cottage without doing the proper research. Real Estate laws in Mexico are not very different from in the US, Canada or Europe with one exception. Mexico wants and actively seeks the foreign investment dollar (or Euro). And the government has put practices and systems in place to help and protect the foreign real estate buyer. In the “restricted Zones of Mexico 100 miles from a
    border or 50 miles from a coast, foreign buyers obtain their properties in a fideicomiso (feeday co meeso). The fideicomiso closely resembles a living trust and gives the foreigner peace of mind, clean title and the right to sell, bequeath, mortgage and improve the property. And it has a 50 year life that can be renewed ad infinitum in 50 year chunks.
  • Summer 2007
    Plenty of Sunshine on the Mexican Housing Market for Foreigners
    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico When you first arrive in Cabo San Lucas, the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula, it is hard to imagine that this once quaint fishing village was unknown to most foreigners just a few decades ago. Today, it is home to approximately one million visitors per year, a 320 boat world‐class marina, three of Conde Nast Traveler’s Top 10 Best Hotels in Latin America, over 9,000 hotel rooms frequented by many A‐list celebrities, and a trendy‐high‐octane nightlife, including the legendary Cabo Wabo Cantina (owned by Sammy Hagar of Van Halen). Cabo San Lucas’ radically appreciated real estate market is a prime example of the endless opportunities existing just south of the border . . . .
  • Spring 2007
    How to Buy Real Estate in Mexico
    Almost no other subject generates such heated conversation and opinion among Foreigners as real estate in Mexico. Ask any acquaintance and see for yourself. Then there is the reality check, which includes reading the Mexican constitution, taking classes in Mexican real estate law, and consulting with attorneys, notarios, and
    accountants. You may be one of the people coming down to look at property. Be prudent and become informed. Any private person from outside Mexico that wants to own or already owns property in Southern Baja needs to listen up! There is only one legal way to own their primary residence in all of Baja–through the fideicomiso (fee day co me so). No land lease, no corporation, no presta nombre (Mexican citizen owning for you) is legal. I should stop right here. In Baja, there is no negotiation or variance on this issue for foreigners purchasing property as their primary residence. However there is a legal and customary process for buying real estate in
    Southern Baja.

Press Releases

  • ConfiCasa Expands its Puerto Vallarta Division Team
    HOUSTON--ConfiCasa Mortgage International, LLC announced today the expansion of its Puerto Vallarta Division team with the addition of its newest team member, Sharon Tognietti.  Sharon will join David Schwartz in leading ConfiCasa’s Puerto Vallarta Division in originating and executing cross-border Mexico mortgages for Americans and Canadians purchasing real estate throughout the Puerto Vallarta region. ConfiCasa opened its Puerto Vallarta Division in August of 2008 as it aggressively expands its on-the-ground presence throughout the resort areas of Mexico. . . .
  • ConfiCasa’s Manzanillo Division Opening
    HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ConfiCasa Mortgage International, LLC continues to aggressively expand its on-the-ground office presence throughout the resort areas of Mexico with the recently announced opening of a division in Manzanillo, Mexico. Located in Las Brisas, the Manzanillo division opening is part of the Company’s aggressive strategy to meet the increasing demand for cross-border Mexico mortgage loans in several strategic Mexico resort markets. Over the last twelve months, ConfiCasa has opened additional divisions in Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta with near-term plans to open a division in Cancun/Playa del Carmen, making ConfiCasa one of the only crossborder mortgage lenders with offices spanning Mexico.
    The Manzanillo division . . . .
  • ConfiCasa’s Puerto Vallarta Division Opening
    HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ConfiCasa Mortgage International, LLC announced today the official opening of its doors in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. ConfiCasa’s Puerto Vallarta Division is located in the Peninsula Plaza, one of Puerto Vallarta’s newest developments which sits in the heart of the hotel zone, just 10 minutes from Downtown Puerto Vallarta and the marina. With the recent opening of the Puerto Vallarta Division, ConfiCasa is quickly becoming . . . .
  • ConfiCasa's Website Launch
    HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ConfiCasa Mortgage International, LLC announced today the launching of its new website, The new website focuses on providing buyers with a thorough understanding of the cross-border Mexico mortgage products that are available in the market today, as well as the closing process for a financed purchase of a Mexico property. The Company stresses that the website also serves to educate all . . . .
  • ConfiCasa's Expansion in Mexico
    HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ConfiCasa Mortgage International, LLC announced today its office expansion throughout the resort areas of Mexico, including the successful opening of its Los Cabos office, and its plans to open offices in San Felipe, Puerto Vallarta and Playa del Carmen. ConfiCasa Mortgage International opened its Los Cabos sales office in January 2008. Since its opening, ConfiCasa has closed more than 20 mortgage loans throughout the Los Cabos area and has originated . . .



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Global Perspectives in Real Estate from NAR (National Association of Realtors)

  • International Residential Property Referrals; The Fastest Rising Source of New Business for U.S. Agents
    At the 2008 National Association of REALTORS Conference & Expo in Orlando, a new survey of international buyers revealed that the outflow of Americans and U.S. residents north to Canada and south to Central America, including Mexico, has also increased. Further, this business segment is forecast to rise faster than any other. While many realtors continue to primarily serve a growing number of second-home and retirement clients, an increasing number of potential buyers are investors seeking a better return on their money than they are currently receiving in mutual funds, stocks or bonds. “We believe there is an enormous potential in the Mexican market, not only in recreational second homes but also in retirement residences for aging baby boomers,” said Matthew Miller, President and CEO of ConfiCasa Mortgage International . . . .


  • Restricted Areas prove Accessible; US Lenders help with trusts
    Mexico’s coastlines are starting to look less and less like "forbidden zones" to foreign homebuyers now that U.S. lenders are stepping in to ease the process and work around restrictive bureaucracy. . . .

New York Times

  • More Immigrants Buy Property in Mexico
    DENVER (AP) -- When the American Dream failed Arlin Gonzalez, the 31-year-old native of Mexico looked homeward for a second chance. The divorced mother of two sold her Denver home after she could no longer afford the mortgage payments. Then she spotted . . .
  • In Mexico Loans Without Borders
    FIRST it was interest-only mortgages, then A.R.M.’s. The next big product for home buyers in this country could be the "hipoteca de tasa fija a 20 años," as 20-year fixed-rate mortgages are known in Mexico. Buoyed by gains in domestic real estate, Americans have jumped into the worldwide housing market in recent years, buying second homes . . . .

Houston Chronicle

  • American Invasion Makes U.S. Buyers Eager for Mexican Property
    PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO - Burros hauled construction materials up the jungle-covered mountain when Angela and Tom LeBrun began building their vacation home 15 years ago. To survey their property overlooking Banderas Bay, the Dallas couple had to . . . .

Mexico Premier

  • Mexico Mortgage Update
    Times are tough now-a-days -- stock markets are in frenzy, housing markets are unpredictable, the U.S. dollar is weakened, and an overall lack of consumer confidence continues to arise even with the
    latest U.S. government and worldwide intervention in motion. The first question asked by most is how we got in this mess. This can be somewhat answered by looking at the . . . .
  • Mexico Mortgage Lowdown
    Since its introduction in the early part of 2005, the cross-border Mexico mortgage market -- mortgage financing for foreigners purchasing vacation, retirement and investment homes in Mexico -- has been compared by many realtors and developers to riding a roller coaster. But now, a greater number of those individuals are looking at the cross-border mortgage market to help strengthen . . . .

Mexico Real Estate Investment

  • Mexico Mortgage Financing --
    Helping a Slower Mexico Real Estate Market

    Times are tough now-a-days - stock markets are in frenzy, housing markets are unpredictable, the U.S. dollar is weakened, and an overall lack of consumer confidence continues to arise even with the latest U.S. government and worldwide intervention in motion. The first question asked by most is how we . . . .

Origination News

  • Conficasa Using TPOs to Help Make Cross-Border Loans
    HOUSTON- Conficasa here is offering to give third-party originators who speak at least some Spanish two points per closed loan on leads that it will hand to them. All TPOs working with the company need to do is

Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business

  • Mortgage Financing in Mexico Increasing for U.S. Buyers
    Owning a home has long been an American ideal we all strive to accomplish. Since World War II, home ownership has become a fundamental goal in our quest to achieve the "American dream." Today, owning a second home has become a part of our "dream" for many Americans, and it has escalated to purchases in . . . .





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