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As a developer, you have the opportunity to work with ConfiCasa Mortgage in four different ways, all of which will help you build and sell your Mexico real estate development faster!

Two Mexico financing programs assist developers directly with financing opportunities. The other two have been created to assist you indirectly by providing Mexico mortgages to your buyers during the construction phase and/or provide your buyers with greater purchasing power and affordability for a completed property.

ConfiCasa Mortgage International offers you the most innovative direct and indirect developer financing programs in the market today.



ConfiCasa Mortgage International’s Direct Developer Financing Program enables you to satisfy unmet capital needs for the construction of your Mexican residential developments targeted at foreign buyers throughout Mexico’s top resort areas.

ConfiCasa Mortgage International’s Direct Developer Financing Program is backed by our private capital debt and equity lender partners allowing us to:

  1. Create unique and dynamic financing solutions not available from traditional lending sources
  2. Make faster decisions and fund capital more efficiently
  3. Avoid bureaucracy often associated with traditional bank loans
  4. Offer small loan amounts, typically overlooked by traditional banks and lending institutions

ConfiCasa Mortgage International offers unique Mexico financing solutions that are dynamic and creative, helping you to fully turn your projects into a reality.  We will evaluate your project individually to create a custom lending solution to fit the needs of your unique Mexico project.



ConfiCasa Mortgage International’s Developer Bulk Buy Loan Program provides you with an opportunity to competitively sell your developer loan portfolio in order to free up capital for your next project. ConfiCasa works directly with our Mexico lending partners to review, package and close your loan portfolio in a simplified and efficient process so that you are able to receive the proceeds easily and quickly.

We will evaluate your Mexico mortgage loan portfolio and take into consideration the LTVs, terms, and interest rates to determine pricing.  Loan portfolios are typically purchased at par with a fee commission in lieu of a discount.  Your complete loan portfolio or a portion of your loan portfolio may be purchased.

Contact ConfiCasa Mortgage International today if you have Mexico mortgages that you would like to turn into cash so that you can meet the capital needs for your next great project.



ConfiCasa Mortgage International offers a Buyer Construction Financing Program that provides your buyers with construction financing for houses and condominiums, with the Mexico mortgage loan product given directly to the buyer.  This most unique Mexico mortgage financing product allows for a buyer to borrow money while buying a property during the construction stage, offering many significant benefits to the developer and the buyer!


  • Decreases the financial costs during the construction stage
  • Confirms the sale before finishing the property
  • Frees up cash flow during construction, as up to 75% of construction hard costs are financed by the buyer (through the loan program)
  • Provide certainty on the sale from an approved and credit worthy buyer
  • Differentiates your development by offering the most unique Mexico mortgage financing programs to potential buyers

ConfiCasa Mortgage International offers your buyers every loan program currently available in the market, including our Exclusive Premier VI Loan Program only available through ConfiCasa Mortgage International. Because we have every Mexico mortgage loan program under one roof, our professional and experienced cross-border Mexico mortgage loan officers will work more effectively to determine the best loan program to fit the needs of your buyer and close quickly. In addition, your buyers will be able to avoid the hassle of prospecting multiple lending providers.


  1. Provide your buyers with the most loan programs available today from the most well-respected and proven Company
  2. Provide your buyers with flexible Mexico mortgage loan financing solutions allowing them to buy properties that they would not be able to purchase with 100% cash
  3. As a pre-approved developer with ConfiCasa Mortgage International, your buyers will have a simpler Mexico mortgage loan process
  4. ConfiCasa Mortgage International provides you a turn-key solution by performing all of the loan closing responsibilities at no effort to you. This allows you to focus on what you do best. . . building and selling great properties!
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